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Company Philosophy

Detailing Time 2 Shine is solely operated, and I operate the business with uncompromising integrity and honesty. I like to treat my customers the same way I like to be treated. I never share your information with third parties and I have the utmost respect for the privacy of your personal information. My goal is to provide you with the highest quality to meet and exceed your detailing goals/needs ? at a great value.

Regardless of your budget, detailing goals, or time restrictions I have the products to help you clean, shine and protect virtually every surface on your vehicle.

In combination with right products, I have the detailing experience to educate you with  the correct manner in maintaining  you’re car, boat, motorcycle,  RV whatever it may be, after I complete the detailing process.

When you make a decision on which package you would like to go with, you are not just purchasing anything, you are supporting a company that truly cares about its customers and its community! We take pride in our work.

I am proud of what I have accomplished and there is a lot more I can do with your continued support, so thank you!!!



You’ve Invested Your Hard-Earned Money in a Car,
so hire a car detailing professional with expert vehicle knowledge
who is passionate about presentation.

Are you passionate about vehicle presentation? Experience Detailingtime2shine, you won’t believe you’re eyes!

Our service is fast, friendly, and fully functional, our professional mobile detailing service is well renowned.

Detailing time 2 shine is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority.

Car Detailing

We take our job serious!

Boat Detailing

Bring your boat back to life!


Cut and Polish, then Protect!

Our Services


Mobile Car Detailing offering Mobile Car Detailing for Exotic Cars, Sports cars, Classic Cars, SUV’s and Daily Drivers. Our Melbourne mobile car detailing specialists can meet you at your home or work to provide the ultimate mobile car detailing services in Melbourne.


We are dedicated to keeping you smiling. Boats lose their value faster than any other high priced “toy” you will ever own. This is NOT due to failure of the boat manufacturers or the marine industry in general. Surprisingly, it’s because 98% of boat owners do not properly care for their investment. You have made a major investment and it makes financial sense to take care of it.
A freshly waxed hull reduces drag, saving on fuel consumption. Regular boat detailing is a must to keep your vessel functioning correctly and preserve it’s resale value and to maintain your boats appearance.
We will not only keep your boat looking great, but we will help extend it’s life and reduce deprecation. Need your boat cleaned before welcoming guests onboard? Detailing Time 2 Shine will come to the boats location (Mobile Boat Detailing) and get the detail job done.

Headlight Restoration

Oxidised or cloudy headlights reduce

the ability for headlights to shine brightly and decrease a driver’s visibility at night. Headlight restoration will not only increase your safety, but will enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Our Process

Our Detailing process starts with customer service. We arrive on time, greet our customers, and go over the vehicle together to get a good understanding of what we can do. We don’t leave until the customer is happy!
Our goal is to make your car look like it just came off the showroom floor. We clean door jambs, mirrors, door handles, console and dash, upholstery, seat tracks, air vents, visors and other crevices and more.

Our Core Values

• Exceed Customer Expectations
• Quality comes first
• Bring the most amount of Value
• Under Promise + Over Deliver

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